A clever choice: An internship at Bär & Karrer just makes sense.

You should use your talents not just for the company, but also for your own personal development. Bär & Karrer is just the place to do so.

You’ve invested a lot in your education and will soon receive your bachelor’s degree. Now you’re ready for a six-week internship full of on-the-job-learning, get exposure to how things work at a large law firm, become part of a well-oiled team and help out with ongoing cases. You’d also like to build up a professional network and have a bit of fun on the job. Your expectations are high, and we like that. You should not settle for less.

Perhaps you hold the idea of doing an internship at a prestigious commercial law firm in high regard. That’s good, but you make sure your awe doesn’t turn into fear. Of course, we have high performance standards and ask a lot from our employees. There is a lot at stake in the cases we take on. So perhaps you’ll be surprised by our friendly atmosphere and relaxed dress code. Your colleagues will be able to tell you over after-work drinks why Bär & Karrer is a great place to work after an internship, too.

We’re the right employer for you if you are curious, enjoy learning, want to find out how things are done in a big law firm, and are eager to put your theoretical knowledge into practice by actively supporting a team.

«I joined the firm as a student trainee. Even then I had that ‘we’re all in the same boat’ feeling with the trainees, which I appreciated. Now as a trainee myself, I can say that our trainee lunches are really something exceptional.» Monika Maric, Trainee
«I was specifically looking to combine business and law. This is why I decided to join the M&A team at Bär & Karrer, which has a great reputation.» Mathias Tanner, Trainee

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