Making sure everything runs smoothly. Creating the conditions for success.

Without you, everything would come to a standstill. Your work behind the scenes makes everything possible for our clients.

Our success is not just down to the skills of our lawyers but to the performance of an entire team.  There is also a lot going on behind the scenes here at Bär & Karrer.

With people in a multitude of roles working hand in hand: acrobats, problem solvers, tech lovers, master organisers, jugglers of loose ends, people who lend an understanding ear, people who make our future success possible. Our legal professionals count on specialists from other fields such as IT, HR, marketing and building services to provide the conditions that help them focus on their cases and clients.

Specialists like you are an integral part of the multifaceted work and dynamic environment at an international law firm. Although “routine” is not really part of our vocabulary, we promise that Bär & Karrer is a great place to work. We cultivate a refreshingly uncomplicated environment that leads to friendships outside of the job. We also offer highly attractive working conditions and fantastic offices with many conveniences.

We’re the right employer for you if you’re the best at what you do, if you know what it means to be an internal service provider, if you know how to think for yourself and like to take on responsibility, if you feel comfortable in a lively but sometimes hectic work environment, and if you’re ready to make a valuable individual contribution to our team-focused environment.

«For me Bär & Karrer is a real family company. I know everyone and am treated with a lot of respect.»
Gjergj Berisha, Facility Manager
«I like the concentration of positive energy and optimism here, the palpable joy that people have in doing their jobs. It’s positively contagious.» Sonja Buric, HR Specialist
«My job or my daughter? As a young mother, I don’t have to ask myself this question at Bär & Karrer. My daughter enjoys being in day care next door while I enjoy my interesting job in marketing.» Madeleine Muranka, Marketing Assistant

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