Our promise

Exploring a career at Bär & Karrer is an excellent decision. We offer challenging work, excellent employment conditions and a level of camaraderie that is perhaps unparalleled in the industry.

  • 1 Join the premier league

    We’re there when there’s a lot at stake.

    With more than 350 staff, Bär & Karrer is a top destination for ambitious lawyers in Switzerland. We are a large law firm but have remained incredibly decisive and agile thanks to our diverse team structure – something we’ve been proud of for over 50 years now.

    Thanks to our ideal size and strong international reputation, we are called in to handle high-stakes transactions. Bär & Karrer operates in the premier league of the business world, which makes our work especially interesting. We work in agile teams with the right balance of skills to get the job done while at the same time granting a high degree of freedom. These are the factors that make us such a top employer.

    Powerful arguments:

    • One of the most prestigious business law firms in Switzerland with a strong international reputation.
    • An employer with tradition and a forward-looking attitude: 50 years of looking ahead to the future.
    • Our work makes waves both here and abroad. Learn more about our rankings and awards.
    • Who says you can’t have it all? At Bär & Karrer we combine the benefits of being a large firm with the advantages of working in small teams.
    • Flat hierarchies and no-fuss decision-making processes.
    • Multidisciplinary teamwork on large cases.
    • Principles that encourage creativity and individual approaches.
    • Working independently – but with the support of a team.
    • Non-stop learning thanks to extraordinary cases.
    • Always educational: close-knit collaboration with co-workers who are experts in their fields.
    • Bär & Karrer is a great addition to your CV and a powerful springboard for your career.
  • 2 We care

    We create a first-class working environment for our employees.

    Running a successful business isn’t our only concern. We also take great care to create a first-class working environment for each and every team member.

    We offer a high degree of flexibility when it comes to working times and also make sure that we provide the best infrastructure and conditions so that you can focus on the work at hand.

    Powerful arguments:

    • Mobile working made easy thanks to ultra-modern IT and communication tools.
    • Bär & Karrer College, a joint initiative with the University of St. Gallen, offering modules in Law and General Management.
    • Lifelong learning with day-long seminars and shorter on-the-job training offers.
    • Monthly meetings of associates and junior associates on business and organisational topics.
    • Attractive earning opportunities.
    • A roof top garden with a generous area for special occasions and events, retreats for lunch and coffee breaks including an urban gardening area, honey bee colonies as well as chickens and turtles.
    • Sensational sports package: our own fitness centre in Zurich with a trainer, alongside other health and wellness offers.
    • Generous super-obligatory benefits for expectant mothers, three weeks paternity leave and membership of Profawo.
    • Bär & Kater: a day care centre in Zurich where the little lawyers of the future are looked after by childcare professionals – in the same building as our office.
  • 3 Bär & Karrer is a great place for a fun and challenging career

    You deserve to be part of the best team spirit in the industry.

    If you think being a large, internationally successful law firm means having strict hierarchies and a stuffy atmosphere, you’re in for a surprise at Bär & Karrer. We like what we do, and we love working in a friendly and refreshingly uncomplicated environment. This sets us apart from many others in our industry.

    Despite our successes, we have managed to stay down to earth. This shines through in our day-to-day interactions with each other – and in the fun we have together, both in and out of the workplace. And for us, clothes don’t determine professionalism: there are hardly any suits and ties to be seen in our offices.

    Powerful arguments:

    • A colourful mix of people from diverse cultures with a broad spectrum of views and backgrounds – this creates a lively company culture and daily working environment.
    • Refreshingly uncomplicated relationships between colleagues, managers and partners.
    • Solidarity and pleasant team atmosphere: the best in the industry, according to many of our employees.
    • Friendly interactions despite the high pressure to perform and meet deadlines.
    • A youthful, lively environment with a relaxed dress code for the office.
    • Many events for getting to know colleagues better (team meals, Minibär, ski weekends, etc.)
«I really like our structure. I’m part of a fixed team and have a clear contact person, especially when it concerns my own development.» Pascal Hachem, Lawyer
«My job or my daughter? As a young mother, I don’t have to ask myself this question at Bär & Karrer. My daughter enjoys being in day care next door while I enjoy my interesting job in marketing.» Madeleine Muranka, Marketing Assistant
«From the beginning I was impressed by the positive atmosphere. People treat each other as friends, and I feel free to be who I truly am.» Anni Hegetschweiler, Partner Assistant
«I quickly found not just colleagues, but friends. We sometimes meet up after work or at the weekend.» Michael Neumann, Junior Associate
«I like the interaction with colleagues, taking care of my own clients and building up a good relationship with them» Annina Hammer, Lawyer
«Our close-knit team of three lawyers focuses on sports law. Our partner is extremely distinguished in this field, and I’ve been able to work on sensational cases that you later read about in the newspaper. This is something truly exceptional.» Matteo Suckow, Junior Associate
«I joined the firm as a student trainee. Even then I had that ‘we’re all in the same boat’ feeling with the trainees, which I appreciated. Now as a trainee myself, I can say that our junior associate lunches are really something exceptional.» Monika Maric, Junior Associate
«I really like the team spirit here. Feeling challenged and being able to contribute are things I truly appreciate.» Nicole Egli, Partner Assistant
«I was specifically looking to combine business and law. This is why I decided to join the M&A team at Bär & Karrer, which has a great reputation.» Matthias Tanner, Junior Associate
«I like the concentration of positive energy and optimism here, the palpable joy that people have in doing their jobs. It’s positively contagious.» Sonja Buric, HR Specialist